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External Power Bank for Digital Devices

Silver – Hong Kong Smarts Gift Dsign Award

  • Universal Power Bank
  • Essential accessory for your digital devices
  • High capacity 2,000mAh
  • Stylish design and user-friendly
  • With charging status indicator
  • With “Shake” to check the battery level function
  • Various colors
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Product Description

  • Agnès b. collaborated  with GiftMeFind on the project of gift and premium for Energy Bar. With 8,400 mAh, Energy bar is certified with “Made for iPhone”, which is a guarantee on high quality and safety standard. Patented “Shake-to-check” Technology allow user to check the battery level easily by gently shaking the charger. Energy barsupport a variety of smart phones in the market and will provide extra power for your mobile device in any occasion.
  • Available Colors: Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Black, White (Color Customization Available)
  • Please contact our gift consultant for other customization.